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Worried about affording retirement?

Learn how to increase your existing income here.

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Discover how to improve your finances and lifestyle towards retirement by having a business online, explore the opportunities, perhaps based around your specialist knowledge, experience or your passion.

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A very popular CPD Accredited 3 Day Diploma course in Internet Marketing providing in-depth training in how to take an initial business idea through to fruition. It is a recognised certificate of professional development and competence.


Learn how to create and grow your own business online that you can tailor to fit in around your lifestyle. This could include affiliate marketing or local business marketing and particular tuition is available to try FREE for 30 days.


Dominate and position yourself as an industry expert in your chosen niche or market sector. Whether you are or aspire to be a coach, consultant, expert or service professional, this subject is the route to achieving expert status and being in demand.

“Simon showed me how to set up websites, a shopping cart, autoresponders, Google marketing and everything necessary to go live on the Internet. In the first month of trading I made £3,500. All I can say is ‘a very big thank you to Simon’ for tremendous help!

Keith Franklyn

“The course offered by the Internet Business School was just what we had been looking for. It confirmed to us that we both had valuable skill sets, expertise and ideas worth devloping into a new business and that there is life after working full-time for an employer.”

Helen and Hugh Smith

Attending the 3 day Accredited Internet Marketing Diploma, changed my life. I moved from a corporate job to self-employed Entrepreuer, living according to my terms. I’m really happy now and I can’t thank Simon and the team enough. 

Claire Perry

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